Location Highlight - Morrinsville

Even on the hottest of days you can walk down through the gorgeous trees and along the stream to get some shade at the gorgeous park within the Morrinsville Recreation Grounds.

Hidden away in little ole Morrinsville I love going to this park for dog walking, dog photographing, going for a walk or run, or even just chilling out listening to the waterfall.

It's the perfect spot for some peace and quiet and some stunning NZ beauty as well.

The light coming through the tree's always provides an amazing background for some great photographs and there's always a stump, log or some other natural prop to include.

Before heading on down to the path along the stream there's loads of wide open spaces for your best bud to use up some of that energy.

If you haven't ventured to this spot, I'd highly recommend going out for a venture. A lovely Sunday afternoon slow stroll, or even a night after work (during daylight saving), this location is lovely throughout.


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