Of course, as with working with any business for the first time, there's usually a few questions that come up frequently - so here's few of those bad boys to help put your mind at ease.

What happens if its raining?
My camera and I can take a little bit of drizzle but if its quite wet on your chosen day, then I'll be in touch on the day and we will reschedule - as easy as that.

Can I have my dog on a lead?
Absolutely! If you've got a new puppy or your doggo is still training with recall, then we can do the whole session with them on a lead. I will then edit this out in post production so you won't even know it was there.

What if my dog doesn't co-operate?
No need to worry. I only need a split second to get that shot of your furry friend. I'm pretty sure most of the clients I have had, have been at least a little worried about how their mate is going to behave on the day, but it all works out in the end. Capturing their personality of course, is all part of it.

Can I be in the photos as well?
Of course! First and foremost I am a Pet Photographer, but one of the reasons I love this job is because of the connection between humans and their pets. A great way to showcase that is by getting some images of the both of you. 

How long does the whole process take; from booking in to receiving my chosen products?
Once your session is done and dusted you can expect to see some sneak peek images up on social media within a week. Your full gallery to choose products from will be available for viewing up to 4 weeks after your session. Then once you've chosen your products, these will be ready up to 4 weeks after that. 

Of course, if you do have any other questions, please feel free to hit that contact button and flick them through.


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