How It All Works - Pre Session

Booking in a pet photography session with me, is pretty straight forward and simple. There's not much dilly dallying and everything can be taken care of pretty easily.

Once you let me know you are interested in booking a photo session for your furry friend, I will send you through a bunch of info that lets you know exactly how everything works and what to expect. This information, of course doesn't mean you are required to book; it's just there to help you decide.

When you are all confirmed; we will then get the details of a date, time and location all sorted. All three things will be agreed upon between both of us and I can help with suggestions on these. Things like the time of day and the location have a major impact on the kinds of photos you will end up with, so it's important to be well informed on these.

Once that's all sorted; you'll get sent through a quick booking form (just a few questions so I can be as best prepared as possible) and a Terms of Service document that needs to be read and signed.

Next up is an email with tips and tricks that are handy to know before your session date; as well as a reminder email 2 days before your session - so all the hard work is taken care of for you.

Then it's the session and choosing your products that is left to do - which is the fun part!

Easy as that!


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