How It All Works - Session Itself

The most fun part of the whole experience is the session itself. We will meet at the location and time we've agreed, I'll introduce myself to you and your buddy; and for the first few minutes or so I will let them get used to me and the camera. Of course, if it is wet on the day, I'll be in touch to sort out rescheduling - fingers crossed that doesn't happen!

The magic happens once we start to go for a wander around the chosen location. I will snap away as we go; capturing candid moments as well as some shots we might set up along the way. I'll be on the look out for natural props, like stumps, logs or other little things that may be able to add something to the images as well. 

If you aren't confident having your fur baby off leash while the session happens, then this is absolutely fine as well. I will help to instruct you on how to hold the leash throughout the shoot, so that once I am editing, it will be easily removed and you wont even know it was there. This is especially common for something like Watch Me Grow sessions where your pupper might still be learning, but of course can be done for all ages.

A lot of people worry before the photo session happens, that their buddy isn't going to actually 'behave' on the day. There is no need to panic about this; as you can imagine, I have seen it all and everyone thinks their dog must be the worst. But your dog, being your dog, is what I actually need to be able to capture their personality anyway; and it only takes a second to get the shot.

There's also the option of you being in some images with your dog. Most people turn their nose up at this idea and trust me I get it, I only like being behind the camera too. But, it's good to come to the session thinking you may end up in a couple. They don't need to be posed shots, they may be candid ones, your dog sitting at your feet or maybe your heads bowed together. We have such a connection with our pets, this is a great way to showcase it.

Once we have been for a decent wander, stopping along the way for treats and rest, then we will doubly make sure we have crossed off any shots that you were looking for in particular. And then, the session is complete.

As simple as that!


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