Homer - West London Session

A few weeks back I headed out to the local park, just a 20minute walk away from home. It's a beautiful spot with lots of trees, paths, flowers, tree stumps and other bits n pieces to work magically into a photo session.

I have been missing my camera so so much, especially without being able to travel at the moment. So I contacted some old flatmates from my London flat who I knew had gotten a dog since moving out. They were keen to get some images taken of their new doggo Homer.

They had, had their hearts set on a Whippet for quite some time and got this wee guy from Wales; and he will likely be heading all the way to Australia with them at some point in the future.

Young Homer is a lucky guy, who gets to go to work with his Mumma. Where he gets up to all kinds of mischief, like eating kids socks. Which has already seen him be taken to the out of hours vets.

I knew Jade and Ollie were pretty convinced the session was going to be a mad and crazy time, and that Homer wouldn't behave at all, especially considering how young he is.

The great thing is, if you ask him to sit and he just stands; then I'll take a photo of him standing. If he decides to lay down, then so be it. It's never too much of a drama. Sometimes, there are spots within a location where it only really suits a 'stand', and in that case we will just give it a few tries, if not we can always come back to it later.

I never like to put any pressure on for any 'perfect' photos, as your dog is still a dog, and most of all I want to capture that personality. Also, the more pressure I put on you or your pet, the more both of you fret and the less likely to get that original shot I am after, will be.

I think Homer surprised them both with how amazing he was, as if a pro model for the camera.

I asked Jade some quick questions regarding our session with her gorgeous boy;

How did you expect the session to go?
I expected Homer to be more timid and afraid of the camera as he can be quiet nervous around new people and objects. However he was super comfortable for Rachel straight away and went into model mode!

How did it go and was it fun?
The photoshoot went so great, I honestly couldn’t have asked for it to go any better. We all had so much fun watching Homer in front of the camera.

Were the final images up to your expectations?
My expectations were blown out of the water. The final images were so clear and beautiful. The pictures Rachel was able to capture of Homer when he was still was great and also creating such a stunning background was just wow. She truly captured our dog and his personality.

Would you recommend that other dog pawrents hire a professional photographer?
Definitely! It’s such a great thing to have as our dog Homer is a part of our family. Having these beautiful memories to hold onto now is amazing.

What will you be doing with your images?
They will definitely have a front and centre position in our house to admire.

What do you love about being Homer's pawrents?
Being Homers pawrents is the best job, he is so important to us and we can’t remember life without him and never looked back!

I am so happy that I was able to provide this for these lovely humans! Was so good being able to get out for a session again and I hope that in the not so distant future, I'll be able to get a few more in before heading home.


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